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Ergonomic design: The shape of grip design fits a closed hand very well to reduce wrist pressure improves exercise results.

Improved performance: This design provides users to exercise target muscle more precisely during pull up movement.

Safety: Reducing injury of wrist, finger or shoulder due to improper grip.

Wide applicability: Suitable for all levels of fitness users, either beginners or gym rat.

Durability: Made of high quality materials and able to endure heavy training pressure and easy to clean.

Easy to install and adapt: Can be easily installed for most fitness equipment, don’t need to purchase additional accessories.

Improve exercise efficiency: With more accurate targeted bicep exercises, you can increase your muscle strength

and endurance more effectively.

The ergonomic bicep rope remarkable for its flexibility, and ergonomic design, leading it to a very attractive product.

Improve efficiency of exercise: Specially designed for bicep Pull-up and Pull-down training, it helps to excise bicep muscles more accurately and effectively.

Enhanced functionality: Improves functionality for daily excises.

Portability: Suitable for home and gym use.