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The COREFX Ultra-Wide Pro Loops are 12.5″ x 3″ and are ideal for strengthening, toning, rehabilitation and stretching. With four resistances available, these resistance bands are great for any fitness level and are great for targeting your lower body!

The COREFX Pro Loops Ultra-Wide are resistance bands that can help you reach your fitness goals. By helping you with stretching, toning, and strengthen specific areas of your body. The Pro Loops Ultra-Wide can be added to a wide range of exercises to turn up the dial on your workout. Take them to the gym, use them at home or bring them with you when you travel so that you can always give yourself the challenge you need. The loops are made with the highest quality, 100% natural latex, with a smooth outer texture to stay in place. The added width of the bands will help keep them in place and help prevent rolling.

Manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects.