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Made of polyurethane and high-quality steel plate, it is not only comfortable, durable and easy to clean, this ergonomic design minimizes the pressure on the wrist. We choose high-quality natural rubber as a material to increase product performance. High-quality solid steel , Rubber-impregnated makes a perfect feeling. Ergonomic lat pull-down cable machine attachments are mainly based on flexible lines, and the design is inspired by the lines of human muscles, and the design is repeatedly adjusted to create a minimalist, smooth and comfortable visual effect. Through market research, multiple practical tests of products and calculation data analysis and integration, combined with the physiological structure of the human body, to formulate precise size solutions, and finally debug and test out ergonomic pull-down accessories. During the design process, the user’s operation mode is fully considered, and the characteristics of muscle force exerted by different users are actually analyzed, and the point of force is analyzed and designed. The design of the ergonomic handle will provide users with a better grip when exercising and help more upper body strength training. You can choose from different pull-down accessories depending on the part you need to exercise. Effective lat pulldown attachments for muscles, enhance strength and improve fitness and body building with many bicep tricep exercises via the pulldown Bar. Easily attach to any cable machines for the gym, such as a lat pull-down machine, cable machine, or home gym system, and support the traction of up to 950 lbs.