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TPEs are soft and stretchy, making them ideal for products that require flexibility and elasticity. This material is known for its superior resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and chemicals. TPE also has excellent resistance to stress and cracking, making it an ideal material for products that require a long-lasting lifespan. Stainless steel connecting hooks and nylon braided straps make the gym handles more durable. The upgrade of the material can solve the problem of sweating and slippery hands during training, so that the trainer can carry out more effective and comfortable strength training. And it can reduce the pain caused by the friction between the palm and the handle during training, better protect the hands and reduce the risk of injury.
As a professional in the fitness industry, it’s important to understand the impact of ergonomics during workouts, particularly when handling heavy weights. When it comes to cable handle workouts, choosing the right handle is important in achieving good ergonomics. The handle should be comfortable to grip, have good grip support, and be designed to fit your hand. This is especially true when it comes to cable handle exercises, which are great for targeting different upper-body muscle groups. cable handle exercises require a significant amount of coordination and stability to be performed correctly. However, to achieve maximum effectiveness, it’s important to pay attention to ergonomics during exercise, particularly when handling heavy weights. Compared with traditional handles, the large exercise handle specially designed for heavy-weight strength training can better help you focus your palms when doing high-load training and improve training efficiency. Max load capacity up to 800 LBS. Suitable for lat pull-down cable machine, pulley system and smith machine. It can be used with resistance bands to do more cable exercises and strength training.