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Ideal for home fitness, this 6 product kit will get you moving at home.

Manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects.


CoreFX Slam Ball 15 lbs: Built specifically for the most demanding, intense medicine ball slamming activities, COREFX Slam Balls are made from reinforced, composite rubber, with unique textured design for increased grip. Ranging from 7” to 11” in diameter, these dead-bounce Slam Balls can help improve power, core strength and over all conditioning.

CoreFX Resistance Bands; red, black, and purple: Provide an easy way to help you perform better. Bands can be used to help to warm up, stretch and recover. Train solo or with a partner for sports, fitness, injury rehabilitation, yoga, body shaping, weight-loss and physical therapy.

Ultimate Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebell, 30 lbs: Use the cast iron handle kettlebell for a more evenly distributed weight lifting experience, with a heavier handle bar.

CoreFX Sandbag: Throw it, slam it, pound it into the ground; this sandbag is designed to surpass all of your expectations.
The CORFEX Sandbag features a revolutionary design that includes upgraded stitching, weather resistant high-density nylon shell, and six reinforced handles for various positions and lifts, so you can perform limitless exercises. Experience pure strength and conditioning gains when you add the COREFX Sandbag to your routine today!