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HXD-ERGO takes products as the core, is user-oriented, and focuses on product innovation and user experience. We focus on improving the user’s sports experience, constantly iteratively innovating more convenient multi-functional sports products, so that sports are no longer affected by venues and cumbersome equipment, so as to meet the common sports needs of different user groups, aiming to create a leading fitness brand.

We have transformed the traditional triangular-shaped handles on the market, modified the appearance and designed the material, and developed a V-shaped handle that makes trainers more comfortable during training. HXD-ERGO v-shaped handle is composed of double d handles, which conforms to the structure of the triangular stability principle.

The V handle is committed to creating modern ergonomic sports and fitness equipment to make more people love sports and help them get the correct sports posture. According to the physiological structure of the human palm, a handle that fits the palm is designed to help you obtain the correct hand posture and better gather force. HXD-ERGO Ergonomic V handle is made of high-density plastic and 304 high quality stainless steel. The surface of the V handles are made of TPE rubber, which is anti-slip, sweat-proof and reduces the hand rub to increase comfort.

The top rotatable buckle of the V-handle is made of high-density plastic stainless steel, which will make the V-handle more secure when connected with the cable attachment. Max load capacity up to 950 LBS. It is designed for fitness enthusiasts in building upper body strength especially in strengthening the muscles of the shoulder, latissimus dorsi, biceps and infraspinatus. Suitable for all home gym cable pulley systems.

We continue to conduct market research and listen to the voice of customers to help better product innovation. And we hope that our products can help more sports enthusiasts get a better sports experience. Welcome to share your user experience with us. Let’s become the best version of ourselves together!